that include the worlds finest laser sources, laser scanning platforms and laser related peripherals. Our Custom systems can be created using lasers ranging in output power from 1 to 30 watts, All systems are modular and can be expanded by implementing additional hardware / software components at a later date.

We have been using laser systems for entertainment and advertising since the mid eighties and in that time have come into contact with many devices, most for their time were excellent, however time and technology change, so, from these experiences we have taken some of the finer qualities of the past and integrated them with our own innovations and the latest components creating the ILP (Multi Media ) series of future proofed laser projection systems. The modular design of our systems allow users to begin with an Intro plug and play package and then upgrade to the professional level program and play Laptop and or PC control at any time..

Laser Projector

All ILP Systems feature the multi Award winning PANGOLIN Laser Software suite LD2000 - QS - BEYOND options

BEYOND - Quickshow - LD200, combined with any of the Projectors are a powerful tool for any laser entertainment or advertising application. The ability to program and control external devices ( screens / intelligent lighting / hazers / projectors etc. via DMX protocol, coupled with the capability to synchronize all these elements with the systems internal clock to industry standard time codes ( MIDI SMPTE ) etc. including audio tracks CDDA / MP3 .WAV etc , make these multi-media systems unbeatable . In any environment, all ILP systems can be fully automated requiring minimal human interaction. Laser Advertising systems may be managed and monitored in real time via a computer network with regular communication protocols. You can rest assured that our systems contain the latest technology, creatively configured for maximum effectiveness in the environment and application for which they are intended