From an extensive background in theatre lighting and touring productions, International Laser Productions was established in 1986 when the company, then known as Laser Communications pioneered and introduced the use of Laser show systems, Intelligent lighting, Video wall and Xenon technology for advertising and entertainment to the New Zealand market.
In 1993 operations expanded into South East Asia, where as consultants we designed and installed and operated major laser and multi-media attractions throughout the Asian region.
As technology advances, so too does International Laser Productions, the company has evolved simultaneously with the remarkable advancement of leading edge laser and audio visual systems, this deep industry knowledge coupled with years of practical experience allows us to integrate these elements with innovative, dynamic and effective results.

About Laser show systems


We provide Laser Show Systems for indoor shows from 1 watt Single color RED GREEN BLUE to 30 watt full color RGB systems for spectacular results across skylines. Custom programmed lasershows for Corporate events include animated logos for events and billboard / building advertising. Pre-programmed automated systems for Theme Parks and Leisure facilities are a speciality. Professional experienced creative lasershow operators are available for all one off live events.