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Now you can make sophisticated laser images by working directly with standard 3D computer graphics. This auto-digitizing magic is accomplished by Lasershow Converter MAX, the new plug-in for the program 3D Studio MAX. The plug-in enables computer graphic artists to convert 3D objects and scenes into laser outlines. The result can be as simple as a single-frame logo, or as complex as an animated fly-through of a city.

The pictures below show 3D Studio Max (3DSM) scenes, and then the laser version of those scenes.  Using 3DSM will save you time and help you create better shows.

Here's why:..



LD Max Converter


Such as accurate perspective and true hidden-line removal are perfectly realized. No additional work is necessary by the artist. All that is required, is that the artist 1) know 3DSM and 2) have a basic understanding of laser requirements, such as a low object count and relatively simple objects.

Specialising in Laser Display and Projection System manufacture and rental for Advertising and Entertainment applications including Laser Billboard Advertising , Laser Signage , Lasershow Entertainment,Theme Parks ,Special Events ,Concerts ,Conferences and Exhibitions.

There are thousands of pre-built objects available. For example, the head picture (above) is a public domain 3DSM model which was downloaded from a website. The artist did not have to create the head; only a simple background if required.
It is easier to do character animation, inverse kinematics, true morphs, etc. in 3DSM.
You can create multimedia shows with video and laser-overlaid highlights or characters, from the same 3DSM file. The result is a video with a hole where the laser exactly fits.
Scenes created in 3DSM can be re-purposed for other media, such as video, slides, printed material, etc.
Many more animators know 3D Studio MAX, than know specialized laser software. It is used by over 85,000 computer animators. Plus, there is a wide variety of books, tutorials, websites, etc. available for 3DSM.
Quick conversion from computer to laser
Working with lasers within 3D Studio MAX is fast and natural. It takes only a few seconds to convert a computer graphics frame into laser graphics. Hidden line removal and object occlusion ("masking") is automatic. An entire laser animation can be quickly stored, and then played back in real-time to check object motion.
Once laser frames are rendered in 3D Studio MAX, they can be saved to LD2000 or ILDA format. For performance playback, LD2000's "Showtime" program is ideal. It can add more graphics, beams, abstracts, and other events such as DMX lighting cues. It also allows use of Showtime's unique video sync capability, so laser overlays will always be exactly synchronized with their corresponding video frame.
Quick multimedia presentations
Using 3D Studio MAX is also the easiest way to develop multimedia-enhanced presentations. By superimposing the laser projector over a video-projected image, the result is solid-filled scenes with bright laser outlines. This can give detail impossible in a laser-only presentation.
For even more sophistication, particular objects can be restricted to render only on the computer screen, or only on the laser. This allows laser overlays or highlights to be incorporated into other media such as slides or video, with perfect registration and timing.